Awaken. Balance. Create.

Awaken. Balance. Create.

To say that I'm thrilled to be writing this post at last would be an understatement.  Admittedly, I have very little idea of what I am doing, but MAN is it a RUSH to dive into something completely unprepared!

A mentor of mine often speaks of imperfect action and I just love that someone has put those two words together: Imperfect. Action.  To me, it rings so true.  Perfectionism is an action-killer.  I've let perfectionism kill a few dreams (haven't we all?). At this point in my life, i'm just not willing to wait for my art to be perfect, my kids to be older, for more money in the bank, or for my network to be more connected.  I'm starting right where I am, I have a vision, I have a purpose, I have a passion.  I"m not sure exactly what it all means, but the goal is to spend my life doing the work that matters most: being fully present for myself and my loved ones.  

That's where my tagline comes in: Awaken. Balance. Create. Awaken the passion within yourself.  Find what it is that sets your heart on fire.  Once you do, it feels effortless.  For me, painting has been like falling in love.  I needn't eat or sleep.  I can be exhausted but when i have a moment to paint, i'm rejuvenated.  Working on my art, my voice, this business, ENERGIZES me.  I see the world differently because of it.  I want to inspire people to awaken that part of themselves that they've been sleeping on.  I want to inspire people to give themselves the gift of answering whatever calls to them. 

'Balance' is all about balancing a playful, beginners mindset with just enough knowledge and capability to just DO it.  Nearly 20 years ago I had a conversation with someone about my desire to paint.  I remember saying, "I feel like if someone would just teach me some basics, I could paint,"  Even after acknowledging this, i still expected to just be able to sit down and crank out a Monet! I needed to learn a couple things about the color wheel, paper, and brushes, but with very little time invested in learning about those things, i could go bananas just CREATING and experimenting and PLAYING!  I didn't bog my mind down with too many logistics and rules. 

Which leads me to 'Create'..Now that I know what I love to do, AND I have just enough proverbial rope to hang myself with, it's time to create.  Create art, create a business to create the life that I want to live.  I hope to inspire you along the way and I hope you'll join me on this little adventure!

Now that I think about it, is there any better way of remaining fully in the moment than when you don't know what the next moment will bring? 

This is what it feels like to be ALIVE, baby! To be imperfectly prepared and to show up anyway. Thank you for being here.

Much love,