Building community

Building community

Something BIG is happening today that I've been looking forward to ALL month.  Today will be the day that 6 small businesses will be brought together to share their work with the world. And I'm one of them.

One of the things that I'm learning from this journey that I'm on is that community and connection are so, so important.  The very first thing I did when I decided that I wanted to do more than just MAKE art was to put out into the universe that I was going to sell my art and I was going to use the proceeds to put back into my business to learn HOW TO MAKE A BUSINESS. The day that I said it, MADE it real, someone I've been friends with for nearly 20 years pointed me in the direction of Jess Hughes.  I knew nothing about Jess other than "she helps artists make money," and that she was gathering a community of badass female artists.  I said yes immediately.  It was not something I questioned even for a millisecond because I knew that I manifested this and because the universe delivered SO RAPIDLY--I was sure this was FOR me. 

Because I listened to that call, it has lead to so many opportunities.  I said 'yes' to things that I would have slept on. I have met incredible women from all over the world-I could go to London, or Sydney, or Amsterdam and have a friend waiting for me!  That thought alone gives me chills!  I have these connections that I would have NEVER had a year ago!  

Because of the support of community, I have been able to open up and share and create my own connections.  One person it has led me to is Emily from Embrace Our Souls. (Her entire schtick is connections and someday I will write an entire blog about her, because someone who connects people like she does deserves more than a paragraph in my little blog.) She connected with me because something I wrote resonated with her and then she saw some of my work and THAT resonated. Magical. 

So tonight, i will gather with her and 4 other small businesses, talk about our services and sell our stuff live online! I have only excitement and gratitude because I know that we cannot fail.  Not when we are all lifting each other. 

Much love,