your future self needs present you

your future self needs present you

Friends, I've been thinking a lot about the actual 'how' to get where I wanna be.  What are the steps to get to the destination? I've spent the last 8ish months looking for an external roadmap.  I think I've landed on something and I'm so hopeful that it will help me AND you.  

Here it is:  be the person right now that your Future Self needs you to be so that she can occupy the space in which she is meant to be.  Everything you do in the present should be for the benefit of FUTURE you.  If you look at what you are doing with your time right now, and you filter it through this framework, i think you will start to see where there is space in your life for change.  Future me needs a lot of help from present me.  

I  can imagine the future me.  I can see what her life is like, what she is doing, what her purpose is.  Present me needs to do the actual work.  Present me is the one who takes the action.  So for me, when I reflect on that, my to do list is, talk to the shops, spend time on my own education and say YES to the things that light me up.  Future Jess NEEDS me to do this.  To do a lot less thinking about the how and a lot more time DOING.

So–since this is the month we celebrate LOVE, let's celebrate love for our future selves because they deserve it!! 

Much love,